I get so many students who come to the lesson saying, “My Mom wanted me to ask which brand of capo she should buy… or, “What was the name of that book again you told me to get? Did you write it down?”

“Yeah, I wrote it in your lesson notebook – make sure you show it to your parents!”

Parents are always looking for information about what equipment they should buy for their students, so this page is dedicated to some basic gear / accessories which I recommend. Hopefully this makes it easier, but of course you should always feel free to contact me with questions!

For acoustic guitars there are a couple of very reasonably priced options which I find myself recommending over and over again. These guitars have really impressed me with the value they deliver relative to their price.

As far as electric guitars go, I’d prefer not to make a recommendation without having a discussion with the parent.

There are a few books I use pretty religiously for just about everybody. The basic edition is fine for the Mel Bay Grade One Guitar Method. The expanded edition has lots of extra practice exercises but it’s entirely optional. I usually begin with the blue Mel Bay Grade One book, and when that’s finished we move on to the green Mel Bay Grade Two book and the light blue Melodic Rhythms for Guitar Here they are:

The only other thing which is very important which I use for all students is a single subject spiral lined notebook, such as this one:

Finally, here are some accessories I recommend:

Guitar Tuners, and a must-have Metronome: