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Change Up Your Routine For Summer

Thinking of Slacking Off for Summer? Kids Music Lessons Are Year Round Every year as summer comes around in New England and the world comes alive again I hear murmurings of plans being contemplated by a handful of students and even the occasional parent to take the summer off from private music lessons. Unfortunately, from… Read More »

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How Do I Know What Chords Are In A Key?

We have discussed major scales and keys, and we have learned that chords come from these keys. We know about triads, which are the simple three-note chords which have names like “Major,” “minor” and “diminished.” In a previous lesson, we went through a fairly complicated step-by-step process of listing all the triads we could find… Read More »

Chord Construction: Naming The Triads

The last couple installments of our little discussion of the nature of chords dealt with triads. We learned what they are, and we learned that many of these three-note chords originate from our major scales. If you didn’t catch the last two posts titled “Where Do Chords Come From? (Part 1), (Part 2) I suggest… Read More »

Where Do Chords Come From? (Part Two)

This lesson deals with triads, which are three-note chords. These simple chord structures have already been introduced in the previous lesson, “Where Do Chords Come From? (Part One)” Up to this point you should have obtained a basic understanding of major scales and keys, sharps and flats, half-steps and whole-steps, and you should know what… Read More »

What Is An Interval?

In an earlier post we discussed the fact that musicians can express the pitch difference between two notes in terms of how many half-steps apart the two notes are. We commonly use the term “distance” when in reality we mean “difference in pitch.” For example, we might say that the distance between C# and D#… Read More »

Naming The Notes of The Piano Keyboard

Understanding the piano keyboard layout is extremely useful for all musicians. Because the notes of the keyboard are laid out so visually, it is very easy to see relationships between them. Therefore it is a logical choice of instrument on which to practice building chords and scales solely from our knowledge of music theory. Because… Read More »

Where Do Chords Come From (Part One)

If you have an understanding of major scales and keys and how they are formed, you are ready to begin learning about chord construction. I like to begin teaching this stuff with a little anecdote.  As a child I was fascinated by all things musical. When I was growing up we did not have a… Read More »

Musically Speaking, Clear Heads Prevail

Using Substances Is Bad For the Music Some people may not want to hear this. It’s true, though. If you like to get buzzed or high when you play music, cool. To each their own. But it hurts your playing. God’s honest truth – doesn’t matter who you are. I used to like to have… Read More »

The Proper Way To Develop Speed

So many young musicians place too much importance on being able to play fast. I see this all the time with my students. They try to play everything at mach twelve and don’t really focus enough on accuracy. If a musician practices for accuracy and pays the proper attention to the nuances of his or… Read More »