Monthly Archives: November 2013

Benefits of Having Lessons in Your Home

I have done a lot of lessons in students’ homes over the last twenty years or so as well as in studios and in my home. Each situation has its own benefits as well as disadvantages for me as an instructor, (I do lessons in homes in Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, Ridgefield, Redding, Wilton, Weston, New… Read More »

A Joy of Teaching Is Helping Others

This time of year I get kind of down about all the commercialism and herd-mentality holiday doings. But I also find it is a good time to give some real thought to the things I am thankful for. Gratitude is real important to me, and I find that it helps keep things in perspective when… Read More »

Use Your Metronome!

One of the most common misconceptions held by musicians is that it’s the drummer’s job to keep time. While it is easy to see why one might think so, this idea is absolutely, positively, one-hundred percent FALSE! Relying on the drummer to keep time for you actually is a drag for drummers, it boxes them… Read More »